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Ayurveda is the perfect science or knowledge of life. It is derived from two words – “Ayush” meaning Life and “Veda” meaning knowledge. Ayurveda is as old as the existence of species over the planet earth. It is the most fascinating science, which basically teaches us how to lead a healthy, happy and comfortable life. A follower of Ayurveda is less likely to fall ill. Ayurveda emphasizes that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. It is believed that in the beginning of Srusthi (World), Lord Bhrama wrote the four “Vedas” – Yagurveda, Samaveda, Atharva Veda and Rigveda. Atharva Veda contains the entire information of diseases and their treatment along with directions to lead a healthy disease free life. Ayurveda is believed to be the gist of Atharva Veda which is more than 5000 years old.

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Website Development

AyurShop.com is a sister concern of Brain Systems, a reputed firm dealing in Internet Solutions from last Eight years. We are in full capacity to design and develop a web site for your company or trade. Simple HTML to complex Flash animation is our domain. Please contact us for the following Internet services.

Domain Name Registration & renewal – all extensions worldwide.
Web Hosting Space – quality space with 99.9% up time.
Simple static web pages designing.
Rework on Existing Website.
Powerful database oriented dynamic web site projects.
Creative designing and Content needs.
E-commerce projects
Credit Cards payment …

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Ayurveda Business Consultancy Services

Need an advice? Get one when you need it. Stuck up with a problem or an idea? Dreams can be converted to realities and realities can be promoted into dreams ventures! We provide total consultancy services for Ayurveda business. Be it related to setting up a store, outsourcing, IT & software implementation, business promotion or recovery; you can count on us.
We are also connected with various product manufacturers and people in the industry. Stalwarts of over 30 years experience in the Ayurveda industry are also available at our disposal.  Contact …

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International Trade Orders

 While, we have launched an International Ayurveda Store for individuals outside India, Doctors and Stores outside India are invited to send us their requirements. We guarantee you the best prices and products. Payment will be accepted in the currency of your choice. We are developing our database & trade price list for the sales of our products outside India, which should be available soon.
Should you require a product that is not listed on our website, do notify us about the same. We shall go out of our way to source …

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Wholesale Ayurveda Trade

 Businesses all over the world require the best prices and support from their distributor. Even Ayurveda doctors stock products which needs to be shipped at the right time and price. AyurShop.com is committed to provide the best rates for wholesale trade around the world. Our support system to provide you not only the products but their complete information along with a payment mechanism in your preferred currency makes us an ideal choice for your wholesale purchases.
Send us an enquiry today and we shall revert back with a pleasing surprise.

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Marketing Options

 AyurShop.com is on the look out for strong & focused marketing agents or agencies which can work on result oriented, high commission basis to promote AyurShop.com’s extensive range of products and services worldwide. Some of our highly rewarding options include:

Booking Trade Orders for over 4000 products in our database
Registration of Doctors & Curing Centers Worldwide
Sales of Reports and new reports requirement generation
Booking of Advertisements and Sponsorship options
Getting contacts for our Business Section

You may apply for this opportunity for any country, state or city around the world, provided you are in …