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LUCAP is a safe non-hormonal uterine tonic useful in various disorders like dysmenorrhea, leucorrhoea, premenstrual tension etc and gives faster, better and long lasting results, without undesirable side effects of hormonal therapy.           
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Shwetapradhra (Leucorrhoea), Udavartha (Dysmenorrhoea), Raktapradhra (DUB), Krimi (Anti infective) and Balya (restorative tonic), Management of Menopausal Signs and Symptoms.


One to two capsules thrice daily or as directed by the physician



  •      Effectively treats non specific leucorrhea
  •     Treats Dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia
  •     Treats Anemia due to Iron deficiency
  •     Correct post partum disorders
  •     Treats senile vaginitis
  •     Can be safely administered in pregnancy
  •     Free from side effects
  •     No contra indications

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Lucap 10 Capsules Capro Labs

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