• Niargim 10 Tablet AVN Ayurveda

The Niargim Tablets Safe & Effective Prophylaxis Against Migraine episodes & Tension Headaches.


Each tablet is made from 850 mg of medicament comprising of 

Traditional formulation : Varanadi kasayam

Traditional formulation : Drakshadi kasayam

Bacopa monnieri : Brahmi

Pluchea lanceolata : Rasna

Mode of action

Varanadi Kashayam and Rasna act as anti-inflammatory agents through Prostaglandin suppression

Drakshadi kashayam and Brahmi act on the 5 HT Receptors responsible for the local vaso-dilatation.

Indications: Migraine, Tension Headaches


Prophylaxis : 2 tablets twice daily for 8 weeks

Maintenance : 2 tablets only in nights

Acute attacks : 2 tablets thrice or four times

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Niargim 10 Tablet AVN Ayurveda

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