• Memorin 30 Capsules S G Phyto Pharma

An Ayurvedic remedy for improving mental functions.

Memorin Capsules :Normalises neuro-metabolism & micro-circulation within brain tissues, improves neuro- communication.

Overcomes mental irritability, fatigue, stress & strain, insomnia etc.

Creates an adoptogenic attitute, overcomes anxiety, temperamental inadequacies, emotional disorders.

Stimulate-memory, concentration and helps to develop mature rational outlook.

Memorin Capsules contains :Mandookparni : Improves mental capacity & concentration.

Shankhpushpi : Normalise neuro-metabolism, overcomes mental fatigue.

Jatamansi : Improves intellect & checks CNS irritability

Yashtimadhu : Improves neuro-action.

Smruti sagar : Enhances mental balance, memory and intellect.

Indications :Mental irritability, Anxiety-neurosis, Insomnia Mental fatigue, for increasing Alertness, and Concentration at work, Physical disorders due to mental stress and emotional problems. For Improving cognitive performance in elderly patients. dysentery Gastro-entrits, Entero-colitis, Sprue, Chronic intestinal problems.

Dosage :1 Capsule twice a day.

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Memorin 30 Capsules S G Phyto Pharma

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