• Memocap 10 Capsules Capro Labs

MEMOCAP is a memory booster and health promoter for all age group and especially who are engaged in intellectual activities. MEMOCAP improves memory, analytical ability and also serves as a nervine and brain tonic.


Nidranasha (Insomnia), Manoklesha (Mental Fatigue & Sluggishness), Manasika Vedana (Emotional upset), Personality & Behavioural problems.


One to two capsules 2-3 times a day or as directed by the physician


  •     Improves learning and grasping ability
  •     Treats mental fatigue
  •     Calms mind and ensures sound natural sleep 4. Initiates growth and mental development and their by keeps the person fresh and active.

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Memocap 10 Capsules Capro Labs

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