• A J-Cough Churna 50g Kumar Ayurveda Ashram

We manufacture cough tablets that has no side effects and steroids. This cough tablets are used when an individual may suffer from problem such as productive and dry cough, bronchial asthama, cough in respiratory tract and cough in nose. These tablets are availability in the plastic container of 50 grams.

Our cough tablets has following features:

Relieves bronchial congestion & spasm

Soothes respiratory tract

Relieves respiratory discomfort

Builds resistance to Bronchial infections

Does not cause sedation


Adults: 2 tea spoons 3 to 4 times a day with honey or Hot water

Children: 1/2 tea spoon 3 to 4 times a day with honey or Hot water

Diet restriction: avoid cold water, banana, milk & milk products, oil stuff, ice cream, foods stored in fridge, also avoid exposure to dust, cold wind and smoke

Useful Diet: Food and Medicines which are laxative, wheat, Horse Gram, Garlic & Hot water are good for cough, cold & Asthamatic Patients

Composition (Each gram contains):

Ajwana                   Trachyspermum ammi                    500 mg.

Pippali                    Piper longum (Fruits)                    200 mg.

Pippalimoola             Piper longum (Roots)                     40 mg.

Devakusuma            Syzygium aromaticum                   60 mg.

Navasagara             Ammonium chloride                       30 mg.

Yastimadhu              Glycyrrhiza glabra                         50 mg.

Abhraka bhasma       Calyx of mica                               10 mg.

Pravala bhasma        Calcinated coral                           10 mg.

Sharkara                 Sugar                                        Q.S.

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A J-Cough Churna 50g Kumar Ayurveda Ashram

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