• Aragvadadi Kwatha Churna 200g Pentacare

Aragwadhadi Kashayam (also called Aragwadhadi Kwatham) is an ayurvedic decoction formulation recommended for Kapha diseases, skin diseases, wounds, ulcers, pruritus (itching), urticaria, scabies, diabetes, diabetic foot ulcer, frequent urination, urinary turbidity, and other urinary disorders. The main symptoms of using Aragwadhadi Kashayam are itching, abdominal heaviness and excessive phlegm production.

Agagwadhadi Kwatha has following healing properties: Antibacterial,Antihyperlipidemic,Antioxidant,Antipyretic,Digestive Stimulant,Immunomodulatory,Purifies blood,Digestive Stimulant,Mild laxative,Anti -diabetic

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Aragvadadi Kwatha Churna 200g Pentacare

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