• Nutrigain Plus Granules 500g Ayurwin

Mode of Action:

1)      Herbs such as pippali, maricha etc Increases the appetite of the person naturally by increasing their metabolism.

2)      improves on the consumption quantity of the regular food.

3)      The natural weight gaining ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Gokshura, musali etc increases bulk along with the regular food

4)      The ingredients such as Draksha & kharjura increases the iron & the other essential nutrients required by the body.

5)      All together the individuals body increases on the appetite, consumption & absorption of the nutrients required by the body.  


  • Increases metabolic rate of body thereby increases weight & energy naturally from the food intaken.
  • Improves bulk & increases weight of the body


  • Underweight & very lean
  • Emaciated & wasted
  • Weak & unhealthy

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Nutrigain Plus Granules 500g Ayurwin

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