• Bonton Active Granules -250gm Vasu Healthcare

Provides Powerful anti -osteoporotic action

Increases calcification of bones

Increases bone mass density

Builds chemical composition of bones

Rejuvenates bones & muscles

Provides strength and stamina to bones and muscles

Tasty chocolate flavor

Milk Soluble

Ensure high Patient Compliance

Bonton Active Granules is the unique combination of Cissus Quadrangularis which not only builds chemical composition of bones but it has also powerful anti-osteoporotic action. Terminalia arjuna is a rich source of natural calcium and many more powerful ingredients. Bonton Active Granules helps ensure stronger bones and joints.

 Indicated in the treatment of Osteoporosis in:

Geriatric, Fracture Patients (for faster fracture healing), peri, post menopausal and surgical menopause, pregnancy/lactation, Growing children/Adolescents


Dissolve one teaspoonful of BONTON ACTIVE in a glass of warm/lukewarm milk and enjoy a delicious healthy drink, once or twice a day. Residual material is essential part of herb. Please take it within.

Recommended Dosage : 1 TSF (5 g) twice a day with warm/lukewarm milk.

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Bonton Active Granules -250gm Vasu Healthcare

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