• Ashthomap- 100 Tablets Maharishi Ayurveda

ANTIASTHMATIC Asthomap is a judicious combination of herbs which counteracts respiratory allergies, allays and arrests bronchospasms, exerts prompt mucolytic action, tones up the respiratory mucosal lining and dilates bronchioles. Asthomap contains natural immunomodulators which enhance the patients’ immunity to diseases. Asthomap corrects imbalance of Vata and Kapha and improves the quality of Pitta to restore normalcy in respiration. Asthomap contains no steroids hence is safe for a long term use. Prolonged use of Asthomap reduces hypersensitivity to allergens and reduces intensity and frequency of asthmatic attacks. Asthomap corrects digestion also.

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Ashthomap- 100 Tablets Maharishi Ayurveda

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