• Pylsact Ointment 10 Gram Millennium Herbal Care

How it works?

Lodhra, Majishtha, Yashtimadhu, Daruharidra, Haridra helps to arrest bleeding caused due to hemorrhoids

Yashtimadhu, Nilofer, Jaati provides the cooling and soothing effect

Neem, Thuhar, Aak, and Haridra show anti-bacterial action. These herbs help in the prevention and the treatment of the bacterial infection

Lodhra, Haridra, Jaati, Til tel helps in the healing process and production of tissues

Chitrak, Thuhar helps to shrink or drop off the piles mass

Aak, Kanermool reduces pain and swelling associated with hemorrhoids


Pylsact ointment is used in the treatment of external and internal hemorrhoids especially grade one and grade two hemorrhoid. It also treats anal fissures. Applying of this ointment provides symptomatic relief from pain, itching and bleeding.


Effective hemostyptic and astringent action to arrest bleeding, itching and also helps to “cast off” piles mass

Repairs damaged tissues

Effective cooling and soothing action to provide relief from burning sensation

Potent, safe, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action relieve pain

Antibacterial action treats infection at ano rectal site

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Pylsact Ointment 10 Gram Millennium Herbal Care

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