• Psora 15g Ointment Ayulabs

Facilitates Tissue Repair and Regeneration.

Ideal Non-Steroidal Anti-allergic, Anti-fungal, Anti-Protozoal, Anti-Bacterial.

Reduces Erythema, Plaque Formation and Scaling.

Relieves Pruritus and itching; Significantly Reduces inflamed lesions.

Indications for use of Ayulabs Psora Ointment :

Eczema, Psoriasis, Erythema, Fungal and bacterial infections, Scaling and secondary infections, All other stubborn skin diseases.

Dosage of Ayulabs Psora Ointment : To be applied locally 2 to 3 time a day. Gently on effected parts externally or as directed by the physician.

Ingredients: Vetsamla,Chalmogra Oil,Brihatmarichyadi tel,Bavchi oil,Arand Oil,Neem OIl,Karanja Oil,chandmruta Ras

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Psora 15g Ointment Ayulabs

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