• Amriprash Gold 500gm UAP Pharma


This Rasayana drug is very good for restoring the lost power and youthfulness. This Saptadhatuvardhak Rasayana is enriched with Chyvanprash Avaleha, Swarnabhasma and Ras Sindur. It increases the appetite and strengthens the   digestive   system.   It   gives  new power to the weak muscles & tissues of the body. It is very good immuno - modulator. This Geriatric tonic rejuvenates the old people with energy.Amiriprassh gold is the best herbo-mineral combination with antioxidants, immuno modulator, vitalier & aphrodisiac property Amiriprash gold is one the class general tonic for the entire family.


Tuberculosis, Chronic bronchitis, Immuno deficiency syndrome, impotency Semen abnormality, All type of degenerative disorders.


Children:5-10ml. Twice a day. Adults: 10 - 20 ml. Twice a day meal or as advised by the physician.


Shatavari, Pipali, Elaychi, Jai phal, Bahu phal, Javantri, Loha Bhasma, Abharak Bhasma, Suvarna Bhasma, Chandi Varakh, Deshi ghee, Kesar, & Sugar.


Powerful general, geriatric as well as sexual,

Protects the body from internal & external stress,

Accelerates the growth os the weak children,

Restores the energy in the old age people,

Boosts the memory, enhances intelligence and maintains the good health.

Checks the degeneration and restores regeneration of the tissue.

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Amriprash Gold 500gm UAP Pharma

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