• Noni Black Hair Color 10ml 13 Herbs Nature's elegant Touch

100% Natural No Ammonia PH Balanced

Color Hairs In Just 5 Minutes, No Need To Wait For Hours For Coloring Hair

Ideal For Both Man & Women Shampoo and Hair Colour

Shampoo Based Vegan Formulation

Lasts Upto 6 Weeks and free From Toxic Heavy Metals

Controls Dandruff and Controls Hair Fall also very effective helps in hair regrowth 

i3Herbs black hair care give confidence, which makes you the best you can be to those around you. Are you aware that most conventional personal care products, especially shampoos, hair products and skin care lotions, contain harmful synthetic chemicals, These chemicals can build up over time clog pores, leading to the loss of oxygen, ultimately causing skin irritations and allergies.

Don’t worry, i3Herbs can help you to bring the natural looking black hair to achieve the confidence in your personal look.The formulations are the safest available in the hair care industry today.

At i3Herbs, we work from a simple standpoint; to supply only certified hair products in which all the ingredients that provide hair care industry with a safe and sustainable alternative, without harmful chemicals and better functionality .i3Herbs BLACK HAIR CARE  is natural plant-based hair dye and nourishing cream, which makes hair black in less than 10 minutes.

Including various nourishing cream and herbal extracts such a noni,wild,ginseng ganoderma lucidum and so on,the hair experts took seven years to develop the finished product.Combined with various fruit gathering essence,aminoacid,ZPT,collagen,etc ,it contains a brand new formula that rapidly turn your hair black.

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Noni Black Hair Color 10ml 13 Herbs Nature's elegant Touch

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