• Calciplus 100 Tablet Nagarjuna

Disintegrates Calculi into Fine Particles and Expels out

Urinary Tract Infection

Burning Micturition


Checks the reformation of renal calculi

Checks Repeated Urinary Infection

Averts Surgical Intervention.

Composition of Banlabs Calcurosin Capsule:

Each Banlabs Calcurosin Capsule Contain:

Each Banlabs Calcurosin Capsule Contains:

Chandra Prabha 140 mg.

Eladi Churna 100 mg.

Trivikram Ras 40 mg.

Tankankhar 40 mg.

Hazrool Yahood Bhasma 80 mg.

Dosage of Banlabs Calcurosin Capsule:

Adults : 1 to 2 Capsules three times a day

Children : 1 Capsule three times a day or

As directed by the Physician. Contraindicated in Pregnancy.

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Calciplus 100 Tablet Nagarjuna

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