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As per Ayurveda, arthritis is a problem of "Vata Dosha". Since "Vata Rog" (Dosha) is common in females and "Pitta and Kapha" Doshas common in men, 90 % patients of Arthritis are females.

PAIN OFF is a perfect remedy to treat joint pains of all kinds, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, spondilytis and check obesity.

PAIN OFF Tablets is a safe combination of 18 crude herbs. This product in the form of tablets is used for quick relief from pains. It is free from any form of synthetic ingredients and hence has no side


Ingredients: Its main ingredient is GUGGULU and it also contains Lehsoon, Ajmoda, Gokshuru, Mustak, Sunthi, Kali Mirchi, Erandamool, Arjuna, Trivarth, Ashwagandha etc. among others

Pain Off Tablets relieves :*Pain due to Sinusitis

    *Headache due to cold

    *Toothache, Rheumatic, Arthritis, Gout

    *Abdominal Colicky Pain

    *Pain due to Dysmenorrhoea

    *Local and general swellings

    *Promotes wound healing

It acts as an analgesic, antacid, antipyretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, diaphoretic and nervine tonic.

It is also a muscle relaxant and antioxidant

Indications : Sinusitis, Headaches due to cold, Toothache, Gout, Abdominal Colicky Pain, Dysmenorrhoea, local and general swellings and cases of fevers.

Dosage : One to two tablets twice a day or as directed by the physician.

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Pain Off 10 Tablets Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy

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