• Sinol Nasal Drops for Sinus

We manufacture Kusumagana and Sinol nasal drops which free From any kind of steroids and side effects. This nasal drop is basically used fro the problem that arises due to nose such as rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal congestion, nasal allergy, headache, hemicrania, migraine, nasal inflammation & oedema. We provide this nasal drops in the bottle of 5 ml with dropper.

Important guidelines to use this drop:

Dosage: 1 or 2 drops to both the nostril at 6 am & 6 pm

Diet Restriction : Avoid Cold Water, Banana, Milk & Milk Products, Oil Stuff, ice Cream, food stored in Fridge, exposure to cold wind dust, Smoke etc.,

Useful Diet: Food and Medicines which are laxative, wheat, Horse Gram, Garlic & Hot water are  good for cough, cold, Asthamatic & Sinus  Patients.

Note: It Chitrak Haritaki Leha is given as oral medicine better result is obtained

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Sinol Nasal Drops for Sinus

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