• Arnopen 30 Capsules SG Phyto Pharma

Metabolic remedy acting through physiological aspects to overcome inflammation & induce regression in rheumatic conditions.

Arnopen Capsules : Systemically attacks the root cause of inflammatory disorders in joints & muscles.

 Normalizes the physiological parameters to bring about improved blood circulation & fuctional improvement.

 Reduces morning stiffness, increase mobility and grip strength, restores co-ordination.

 Effectively checks joint erosion.

 Produces regression & lasting relief in rheumatic conditions.

ARNOPEN Capsules contains :Mahayograj Guggul : Possesses anti-inflammatory,anti-Rasna,Kundru & Rheumatic actions.

 Sameerpannag : Strengthens muscles,tendons & ligaments. Potentiates anti-inflammatory effects of other drugs.

 Kundru : Restores integrity of vascular blood vessels,builds collaterals.

 Khurasani Owa : Muscle relaxant.

 Chitrak : Promotes tissue metabolism & prevents formation of ama.

All Chronic muscular pains & sprain,Rheumatic & Arthritic condition, Lumbago,Gout,Spondylosis,Sciatica,Tendinitis,Bursitis & Low back pain.

Indications :Hypersensitivity to any ingredient, Renal failure, liver cirrhosis.

Dosage :2 capsules twice daily.

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Arnopen 30 Capsules SG Phyto Pharma

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